Everyone who donates during the hunt will be eligible to win one
of the following prizes at random!

The following prizes were graciously donated by Gearbox Entertainment via Gearbox Gives. 

Gearbox Gives is a charitable and philanthropic initiative of Gearbox Entertainment.

The mission is to harness the power of entertainment to educate, inspire and create!

(2) Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Treasure Troves

(2) “The Worlds of Borderlands art books

(2) Custom Gearbox Entertainment Logoed Sock


Funko Pops 3x Tiny Tina (BL2) 2x Maya (BL2) 1x Lilith (BL2) 2x Commando Claptrap (BLTPS) 1x Zero (BL2) 3x Borderlands Earrings Espionage Cosmetics 1x Tiny Tina (Pyschotic) 1x Claptrap 1x Water Bottle 32oz (BL Logos) BORDERLANDS 3 Coffee Mugs 1x Tiny Tina (Not So Tiny) 2x Keyboard Mat & Mousepad – COV Graffiti 1x Keyboard Mat & Mousepad – God Keyart Tubbz (Rubber Ducks) 2x Tiny Tina 2x Moxxi 2x Lilith 1x Tyreen Calypso 1x Troy Calypso 1x Messenger Bag (Gaya) – Children of the Vault